Published: 22nd February 2011
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Washing Machine Guide

If you need help choosing the right machine for you, then read our definitive guide washing machine for all the help and advice, the right decision to make the decision easier.

So, what are the most important things you should look at buying a new washing machine?

There is much to consider when buying a new washing machine, below I highlighted the main features have to pay attention but always ensure you see the product specification of what is on offer.

Wash load

Then, wash load that suits you best on the size of your family and the amount of laundry, make depend on you. Wash loads typically range from moderate to 6kg a huge 10kg. The greater the load of laundry more clothes that can efficiently wash the washing machine at once. Besides this, the larger drum will mean that your clothes are less wrinkled and confused, which is great when you iron.
Spin Speed

Spinning speeds are measured in revolutions per minute RPM hatred and they vary from 1000rpm to around 2000rpm. The faster the rotational speed of the dryer is your clothes when the cycle is complete, which means less energy is required for drying. Many washing machines now with variable spin speeds come to terms for your tender care.

Many models like the Whirlpool washing machine BHWM129_WH to come with low noise levels make sure that they are seen and not heard. Sound level is measured in decibels, the lower will be the number the quieter the appliance!
Energy Efficiency

The environment is now a major concern for many consumers for this reason many manufacturers make washing machines that run more efficiently. All washing machines are rated for their energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency A + ratings from all the way to run down to G, is one of the most efficient and G is the least! The more efficient the washing machine take the less power it will run, thus reducing your energy costs. Make sure the washing and spinning performance and that your new washing machine is super efficient.

Your new washing machine could be given even more of a helping hand by additional, useful wash programs. Practical applications include wash quick wash, intensive, crease or silk. It must be a program available to every wash to address.
Half load

If you often unable to fill your washing machine to its full capacity, then you should opt for a washing machine are a half load program. The half-load program will prevent you from using too much energy, water and detergent for the load.
Delay Timer

After a delay timer in the washing machine is a great additional feature. This feature allows you to start the cycle and end when you want. Many people may decide to do this if they minimize outside the home, the impact on their daily lives.

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